Sukoshi Hayame no Christmas Party

title Sukoshi Hayame no Christmas Party
date/time 2020.12.19
broadcast youtube
seiyuu Iida Riho (Τ)
guest Ohhira Shunya

This was a Christmas Party live broadcast by Iida Riho on her youtube channel. This was Riho's first live broadcst since her birthday broadcast in October.

Riho was wearing a santa hat, and there were some foods on the table. She had started eating before the broadcast. Riho said she cut her hair yesterday.

Riho read mails and talked for a while. Then she took a quiz about some world heritage spots. She had studied, so she got most of them right.

In the middle of the broadcast, a guy in a santa outfit came into the studio carrying some Christmas cakes. It was Ohhira Shunya.

Then they switched to a table with a partition, and Shunya joined Riho for the rest of the broadcast.

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