Dere Sute Night x23

title Cinderella Girls Dere Sute Night x23
date/time 2018.11.15 21:00- (around one hour)
broadcast niconico
seiyuu Yoshimura Haruka (¼Ϥ뤫)
Yamamoto Nozomi
Kimura Juri
video Takeda Rarisa Tago
Hanai Miharu

This was a live niconico broadcast to commemorate the new CDs for Idolmaster Cinderella Girls.

The seiyuu participants were Yoshimura Haruka, Yamamoto Nozomi, and Kimura Juri.

The Starlight Master 23 Twinkle Tail CD will go on sale 11/21. The song "Twinkle Tail" is sung by Haruka and Nozomi, who are the Jougasaki sisters. They sang this song at the Met Life Dome concert.

This CD also includes a solo song by Juri (Aiba Yumi).

They played the songs, and talked about the songs and their perfomances in the concerts. They also talked about the Cinderella Gils 6th live last weekend.

The next live will be in Nagoya.

In the "Countdown Station" video, the hosts were Takeda Rarisa Tago and Hanai Miharu.

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