Dere Sute Night x24

title Cinderella Girls Dere Sute Night x24
date/time 2018.12.11 21:00- (around one hour)
broadcast niconico
seiyuu Fukuhara Ayaka (ʡ)
Fuchigami Mai (޼)
Matsui Eriko
video Igarashi Hiromi (޽͵)
Matsuzaki Rei

This was a live niconico broadcast to commemorate the new CDs for Idolmaster Cinderella Girls. The seiyuu participants were Fukuhara Ayaka, Fuchigami Mai, and Matsui Eriko.

The Starlight Master 24 Trinity Field CD will go on sale 12/12.

The seiyuu said that they recorded the song over one year ago. Ayaka recorded first. She had never done that before, so it was difficult to set the tone for the song.

In the "Countdown Station" video, the hosts were Igarashi Hiromi and Matsuzaki Rei.

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