Cinderella Girls 7th Live Tour Kaisai Kinen Tokuban 2

title Cinderella Girls 7th Live Tour Kaisai Kinen Niconama Tokuban 2
date/time 2019.10.08 20:00- (around one hour)
broadcast niconico
seiyuu Suzaki Aya (½§Ίκ°½)
Matsuda Satsumi
Makino Yui

This was a live niconico broadcast to commemorate the 7th Live Tour for Idolmaster Cinderella Girls. There were three seiyuu guests and four staff (producers). The seiyuu were Suzaki Aya, Matsuda Satsumi, and Makino Yui.

They were giving away signature boards by the seiyuu as presents.

First they talked about the Chiba session that took place in September.

Then they gave out some information about the Osaka session (which takes place next February). They announced that it will be done with a live band, and they announced the band members.

They also showed some of the new goods.

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