School Idol Festival Kanshasai 2017 Overall closing

title School Idol Festival Kanshasai 2017 Overall Closing Ceremony
date 2017.06.11 16:00-17:00
broadcast niconico, abema fresh
archive none
hosts Aqours (евепев)

This was a live broadcast of the overall closing ceremony at the Love Live School Idol Festival Kanshasai 2017.

All nine members of Aqours appeared.

This was held at the Fountain Area in Sunshine City, and it was very crowded and very loud.

At around 16:00, the three Cyaron girls came onto the stage for the pre-event talk. Each one of the girls did a monomane (mimicry).
They had to do this because they lost the unit contest.

Ai did a monomane of Nohara Shinnosuke from Crayon Shin-chan. She was very good. Anju and Shuka also did some simple mononame.

Then Cyaron left the stage.

About one minute after Cyaron left, all nine members of Aqours came to the stage, and the closing ceremony started around 16:15.

At the beginning, there were the standard introductions, and they talked about the Kanshasai event itself.

Then they gave out lots of new information about the School Idol Festival game.

They announced the results of the Halloween Outfit Contest. It was entry number 3.

There will be a present UR card of Yoshiko to those who log into the game at least 5 days between June 24 and August 7.

There will be two new sets of R cards for the Aqours girls.

They also announced several other new features of the game.

They also played one game of the "deka" School Idol Festival on the stage. The "deka" (huge) SIF was one where nine people had to step on the note markers on the stage. The song they played was "Happy Party Train".

For this part, the crowd cheer was very loud, just like at the concerts.

At the end, they announced that there will be a School Idol Festival Kanshasai in 2018.

The closing ceremony ended around 17:10.

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