Love Live Sunshine Aqours Uranohoshi Jogakuin Namahousou

title Love Live Sunshine Aqours Uranohoshi Jogakuin Namahousou
date 2017.10.20
broadcast niconico, bandai channel
archive none
hosts Aqours (евепев)

This was a live broadcast by the seiyuu of Love Live Sunshine. All nine seiyuu participated.

They had finished the Love Live Sunshine Aqours 2nd Live concerts. They read lots of mails about the concerts.

The Love Live Sunshine TV anime second series has also began.

For the School Idol Festival challenge, they played Mirai no Bokura ha Shitteruyo, and completed it.

They announced that Aqours will appear in the arcade game School Idol Festival After School Activity. But they didn't give out a date. There will also be a campaign to get a storage box.

At end, they put on some halloween masks.

The next Aqours broadcast will be November 24.

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