SukuFes TV 7 Shuunen Special

title Minna de Shanshan SukuFes TV 7 Shuunen Special
date 2020.04.12 12:00-13:00
broadcast youtube
hosts Inami Anju (Ȱɼ)
Aida Rikako ()
Saitou Shuka (ƣ)

This was a live broadcast by the seiyuu of Love Live Sunshine for the 7th anniversary of the game Love Live School Idol Festival (SukuFes). The seiyuu hosts were Inami Anju, Aida Rikako, and Saitou Shuka.

On 4/15, the game School Idol Festival will be 7 years old. They talked about the history of the game.

The seiyuu said that they were playing the Muse songs before the Aqours songs were released, and they all said that the Aqours songs seemed harder.

The School Idol Festival Kanshasai events began in 2015, and the Aqours members participated in many of them.

Then they talked about the bonus events and new features related to the 7th anniversary that will be added in the game shortly.

They played a game of the rhythmic carnival, and cleared the targe.

Then they played one game, and they had the viewers guess which song it was by watching the notes on the screen. The song was "Step Zero to One".