Liella Namahousou 3/14

title Love Live Superstar Liella Namahousou
date 2021.03.14
broadcast youtube
hosts Date Sayuri (伊達さゆり)
Liyuu (Liyuu)
Misaki Nako (岬なこ)
Payton Naomi (ペイトン尚未)
Aoyama Nagisa (青山なぎさ)

This was a live broadcast by the seiyuu of Love Live Superstar. The hosts were the seiyuu of the group Liella, Date Sayuri, Liyuu, Misaki Nako, Payton Naomi, and Aoyama Nagisa.

This was the second live broadcast by Liella.

3/8 as Nako's birthday, so there was a little surprise for her. All the other seiyuu popped some crackers for her.

Liella's debut single "Hajimari ha Kimi no Sora" will go on sale 4/7. They read mails and talked about songs in the first single.

In the next corner, they wrote and acted out what each character would say if they got some chocolates on White Day.

Then they showed an animated promo video of the Liella debut song, "Hajimari ha Kimi no Sora".

In the next corner, there was a drawing game, where each seiyuu drew a picture in 20 seconds. The other four seiyuu had to guess the topic that the other one drew.

There will be a release event for the Liella single on 5/6 19:00. The name for the event will be "Hajimari ha Minna no Sora", and it will be a talk and live event. There will also be a broadcast of this event.

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