Liella Namahousou 7/4

title Love Live Superstar Liella Namahousou
date 2021.07.04 20:00-
broadcast youtube, bilibili
hosts Date Sayuri (伊達さゆり)
Liyuu (Liyuu)
Misaki Nako (岬なこ)
Payton Naomi (ペイトン尚未)
Aoyama Nagisa (青山なぎさ)

This was a live broadcast by the seiyuu of Love Live Superstar. The hosts were the seiyuu of the group Liella, Date Sayuri, Liyuu, Misaki Nako, Payton Naomi, and Aoyama Nagisa.

The Liella members appeared on the TV show Anison Premium Love Live Special with seiyuu from the other Love Live series.

Everyone was wearing the summer school uniforms.

The TV series will start on 7/11, and they showed a promo video.

There will be an online release event on 8/28 for the opening and ending song CDs. There will also be a net signing session on 9/4 and 9/5.

The new Love Live Days magazine has 8 pages on Liella. They also showed many other goods.

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