Liella Namahousou 8/29

title Love Live Superstar Liella Namahousou
date 2021.08.29 20:00-
broadcast youtube, bilibili
hosts Date Sayuri (伊達さゆり)
Liyuu (Liyuu)
Misaki Nako (岬なこ)
Payton Naomi (ペイトン尚未)
Aoyama Nagisa (青山なぎさ)
video Aqours

This was a live broadcast by the seiyuu of Love Live Superstar. The hosts were the seiyuu of the group Liella, Date Sayuri, Liyuu, Misaki Nako, Payton Naomi, and Aoyama Nagisa.

At the beginning they did the new "Liella pose" with their hands.

Also they were sitting in a new order. From left to right, it was Nagisa, Naomi, Sayuri, Liyuu, and Nako. They said that there was a reason for this order, and they asked the viewers to guess the reason.

Liella had an online release event for the TV anime opening and ending CDs on 8/28. They read mails and talked about the event. They also showed some photos.

The CD "Mirai Yohou Halellujah", containing insert songs for the TV anime, went on sale 8/25.

There will be a countdown event on 12/31 at Pia Arena MM, "Countdown Love Live 2021->2022 -Live With a Smile-" Aqours, Nijigasaki, and Liella will participate. The "Live With a Smile" CD will go on sale 11/3.

At the end, they said that they were sitting in the order of character heights.

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