Liella Totsugeki Location part 3

title Liella Totsugeki Location 1st Live Tour he no Michi part 3
date 2021.09.30
broadcast youtube
seiyuu Date Sayuri (伊達さゆり)
Liyuu (Liyuu)
Misaki Nako (岬なこ)
Payton Naomi (ペイトン尚未)
Aoyama Nagisa (青山なぎさ)

This was a recorded video of the seiyuu group Liella, Date Sayuri, Liyuu, Misaki Nako, Payton Naomi, and Aoyama Nagisa.

The seiyuu had to train for their first live tour by doing various physical activities. This was part 3 of the training video, and the video was around 15 minutes.

This time they did a "carry the ping pong ball" contest. They had to put a ping ping ball in a spoon, and run through an obstacle course. If they drop the ball, they can just pick it up and continue. The one with the fasted time will win.

The results were as follows.

seiyuu time
Payton Naomi 1:23
Miskai Nako 0:20
Aoyama Nagisa 0:37
Date Sayuri 0:41
Liyuu 0:30

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