Uchida Maaya 11th Single Namahousou

title Uchida Maaya 11th Single Hatsubai Kinen Namahousou
date/time 2020.11.26
broadcast youtube Pony Canyon
archive one week only
cost free
seiyuu Uchida Maaya (Ŀ)

This was a live broadcast for Maaya's 11th single "Heart Beat City/Itsuka Kumo ga Haretanara". Maaya did this broadcast alone from a Pony Canyon studio.

Maaya started by celebrating the Softbank Hawks winning the Japan series with a glass of beer (non-alcoholic beer). Maaya also had a plate of take out curry, and ate some during the broadcast.

Maaya's single "Heart Beat City/Itsuka Kumo ga Haretanara" went on sale 11/25.

Maaya had a lot of magazine which had interviews and articles for this CD, and talked about the songs and photo shoots.

Maaya showed the LP record which was on sale to the fan club members. She opened the package and showed the contents.

Maaya will have online events for this CD on 12/19, 12/20, and 12/26. She will read messages that people send in.

Maaya will also have a real event on 12/27, "Maaya Heart Beat Party" at 15:00 and 19:00.

Maaya stood up and moved to the front of the table to show her purple skirt. She said she wore yellow to celebrate the Hawks victory.

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