MxMxSxNama Maaya Side

title MxMxSxNama Maaya Side
date/time 2019.01.24 20:30-21:15
host Uchida Maaya (Ŀ)
broadcast niconico
archive none

This was the first niconama broadcast for Uchida Maaya's usen radio show M and M Station. M and M Station was a radio show by Maaya and Tsuda Minami, and Minami had her solo niconama broadcast for this show the next day.

There was a cotton candy machine, and Maaya made some, and ate some while reading mails.

Then Maaya played a kanji word game, and read a lot of mails.

At the end Maaya said that her show will go into the 7th year in April.

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