Yoru Night x Yoru Night -Thursday-

title Yoru Night x Yoru Night -Thursday-
date/time 2021.05.06 23:30-
broadcast niconico
cost first part free
host Washizaki Takeshi (ɺ)
guest Suwa Nanaka (ˬʤʤ)

This was a live broadcast of Washizaki Takeshi's daily radio show. The guest was Suwa Nanaka. This was Nanaka's third time on this show.

Nanaka's first solo single "Cobalt no Kodou" went on sale 4/21. This was her debut single, although she had released an album and mini album before. This song was the opening song for the TV anime Battle Athletess Dai Undoukai ReStart.

In the opening talk part by Takeshi, he took out his guitar and played the 80's song "There Must Be An Angel". Takeshi sang some lyrics that he made up himself, without looking at the original lyrics.