Shukarigoto 41

title Shukarigoto 41
Saitou Shuka Tanjousai 2019 SP
date/time 2019.08.16
broadcast abema TV
seiyuu Saitou Shuka (ƣ)

This was a special 45 minute live broadcast of Shukarigoto by Saitou Shuka for her birthday (which was the day before).

This broadcast was supposed to be 15 minutes of live broadcast before the normal 30 minute recorded broadcast, but they switched to a full 45 minute live broadcast.

There was a large berry birthday cake. Shuka was 23 years old.

Shuka was going to give away 2 Abema-kun dolls as presents.

Shuka did a free live in Odaiba earlier today, as her solo debut was 2 days ago. She talked about the live. She was nervous at first, but she enjoyed it, and wants to do more live stages.

Shuka read a lot of mails.

At the end, Shuka announced the second fan club event.

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