Torotoro Oukoku 11

title Torotoro Ouoku 11
date/time 2021.01.22
broadcast niconico, youtube
seiyuu Amano Satomi (天野聡美)
guest Shinoda Minami (篠田みなみ)

This was the 11th broadcast of the monthly program by Amano Satomi. The first part of this program was free, and the last part was members only.

The guest was Shinoda Minami.

Minami brought some pudding for Satomi.

Minami was Satomi's senpai in the production Vims. Satomi had gone to some of Minami's lives as they let the new seiyuu in Vims go as guests to some of the concerts.

Satomi and Minami met for the first time at a New Year party or something for their production. But they haven't met that much after that. They recently appeared together at the Oshiete Maiko-sensei 1st Anniversary Event.

Then Minami did the one minute question corner and answered several questions about herself.

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