Toyota Moe Shinbangumi Happyoukai

title Toyota Moe Shinbangumi Happyoukai
date/time 2021.02.15 20:00-
broadcast youtube
host Toyota Moe (˭˨)

This was a live broadcast by Toyota Moe to start off her new program, Moeshi Tours. Moe said she would be the bus guide on the new show. Her previous show was Roomshare Shimasho.

Moe was wearing a suit. Moe said that she didn't have her own suit, but the staff got one for her.

Moe recently had her wisdom teeth pulled, both the top and bottom on her right side. She said the food gets caught in the hole where her teeth used to be.

Moe said she will sing some songs on the 2/26 broadcast of Washizaki Takeshi's Akogi Fun Club.

Moe will have an online birthday broadcast on 3/14. There will be two parts, one in the afternoon and one at night. In the afternoon broadcast, Moe wants to do keiba (horse race betting) with the viewers. In the night broadcast she will countdown to her birthday on 3/15.

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