Atelier Reina 49

title Atelier Reina 49
date/time 2021.02.27 20:00-
broadcast niconico, youtube
seiyuu Ueda Reina ()

This was the 49th broadcast of Ueda Reina's monthly show.

Reina had cut her hair a little. She said it was a "wolf cut", short on top and long on the sides. Reina said she wanted to make her hair longer for the Idolmaster live in May.

Reina talked about the Adachi to Shimamura broadcast event that she appeared in the previous week. Reina wore glasses at the event, the one she wore when she was in high school.

Reina is doing the role of Cere Cere in the Sailor Moon Eternal movie.

The next broadcast will be on 3/27 at 21:00.

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