Shawa Gohan 5

title Shawa Gohan 5
date 2016.11.11
cost free + members only
restaurant Coca Restaurant and Mango Tree Cafe (Yuurakuchou)
host Hata Sawako (»)

This was the 5th broadcast of Shawa Gohan.

Sawako was wearing a white, long sleeve sweater over a pink one piece.

After around 10 minutes they switched to the outdoor video.

Sawako was near Tokyo Station at night. Next she was in Kokusai Forum Hall in Yuurakuchou. She said it was getting cold.

Sawako went to a store called Osaka Hyakkaten. It was a store that sold goods from Osaka. Sawako is from Osaka, but she said she doesn't know that much about Osaka things.

Then she bought some ikayaki (grilled squid). Sawako said that ikayaki is her favorite Osaka food. But she doesn't like sauce that much, so she didn't put any sauce on it.

The restaurant that Sawako went to was Coca Restuarant and Mango Tree Cafe. It was a Thai food restaurant.

Sawako hasn't eaten much Thai food before, and doesnt know much about it.

There was a nabe, and you just ordered the ingredients that you like. Sawako likes seafood, so she talked to the restaurant staff to pick out the ingredients from the menu. She ordered chicken, shrimp, white fish, shell fish, crab, mushrooms, and a few vegetables.

The food arrived, and Sawako put the ingredients in the nabe. She ate it with spicy coca sauce, and said it wasn't too hot.

Around the 31 minute mark, they switched back to the studio. Sawako rolled the die, and got a 5.

So the next station was Ohsaki.

members only broadcast

The members only video was around 15 minutes.
This video was just a continuation of the restaurant video.

Sawako ordered more from the ala carte menu. She tried to read the English names from the menu, deep fried shrimp cake, stir fried lobster tail and egg with curry sauce, Thai fresh spring roll with shrimp.

Sawako ate the spring roll, but she dropped it in the chilli sauce. She said it was very hot.

Then she ate the shrimp cake and lobster curry.