Shawa Gohan 7

title Shawa Gohan 7
date 2017.01.13
cost free + members only
restaurant Meat Bar Niku Tarashi (Yoyogi)
host Hata Sawako (»)

This was the 7th broadcast of Shawa Gohan.

Sawako was wearing a yellow jumper skirt over a white sweater. Her hair was in twintails (braided).

She started off by reading some mails from viewers.

Since this was the first broadcast of 2017, she was asked if she had a goal for the year. Sawako's goal for 2016 was to "become happy". She said she really enjoyed 2016, so she felt she cleared her goal. Her goal for 2015 was to "become a good person". She said she didn't think she cleared that, so she'll make that the goal for 2017.

Sawako's goal for this show was to ride an airplane and go somewhere warm. She also wants to do a public recording too.

The station for this broadcast was Yoyogi. Sawako went there on the first broadcast, on her way to Shinjuku.

After reading some mails about Yoyogi, she said, "Let's go!"

The video switched to Harajuku. Sawako was wearing a brown coat, white scarf, and red gloves. She was holding a ham egg salad crepe. Sawako said she doesn't like sweet crepes.

Since it was very cold, Sawako didn't want to spend too much time outside. So Sawako didn't walk to Yoyogi.

The restaurant that Sawako went to was Meat Bar Niku Tarashi. It was a yakiniku store.

Sawako was in a private room, so she had to use a cow bell to call the waiter. She ordered several meats. The menu had a picture of a cow, with lots of description of the various parts (meats).

When the first meat arrived, Sawako had put on a green apron. She cooked the meat and ate.

The some more of the meats and other things that she ordered came. Sawako was unsure of how long she should cook the meats, but she cooked them and ate.

After a while, the video switched back to the studio. Since Sawako's current position was Yoyogi, she wanted to roll a 2 and go to Shin Ohkubo to eat Korean food. But Sawako rolled a 6. She wondered if the die wasn't loaded, as she kept getting large numbers..

So the next stop was Ohtsuka, and the broadcast will be 2/10.

members only video

The members only video was around 21 minutes.
This video was just a continuation of the restaurant video.

Sawako ate more of the "good" meats, while talking and drinking tea.

She put wasabi on the meat, and said she likes wasabi.

Sawako said that she wanted to eat yakinuku recently, and she wanted to go alone. But she couldn't build up the courage to go, so she was happy to be able to eat yakinuku today.

Sawako ordered niku sushi.

Sawako said she usually shares the food that she orders with the staff members, but this time she finished all of the bean sprouts by herself.