Shawa Gohan 11

title Shawa Gohan 11
date 2017.05.12
cost free + members only
restaurant Tokyo Mar Mare Yaesu (Tokyo)
host Hata Sawako (»)

This was the 11th broadcast of Shawa Gohan.

Sawako was wearing a white cardigan, and a lacy white flower skirt. Her hair was in twin tails (non braided).

Sawako read some mails. The location for today was Tokyo Station.

Sawako talked about bentos that you can buy in Tokyo. Sawako's favorite was from a shop called Kinbei.

There was a question: what's a good present to bring to people in the countryside? Sawako suggested a suica, the ic card for the Tokyo trains.

Then they switched to the outdoor video. Sawako went to Kanda, which was one stop before Tokyo. She walked through a traditional Japanese style area with lots of green, which was in the middle of a city block. Sawako said that it was near the area where she took the video for Matsuiga Produce.

The restuarant that Sawako went to was Tokyo Mar Mare Yaesu. It was a store that served mediterranean dishes and lots of wine.

Sawako was in a private room. She was relieved because she wouldnt be seen by many others.

Sawako was drinking Perrier while eating. She said she doesn't drink Perrier often. Sawako ordered a lot and ate and read some mails.

The next broadcast was going to be a special. Sawako was going to leave the Yamanote Line, and go to the Takao mountains with Hayase Marika. It will be a joint program with Marika's program.

Then Sawako rolled the die for the broadcast after that (the July broadcast). She got a 2, so the station will be Shinbashi.

members only broadcast

The members only broadcast was around 22 minutes.

Since Sawako was in a private room, she talked like she was eating with the viewer.

After eating a while, she read a few mails.

Then Sawako went back to eating.