Shawa Gohan 18

title Shawa Gohan 18
date 2017.12.08
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host Hata Sawako (»)
guests Hayase Marika (轲)
Amako Junna

This was the 18th broadcast of Shawa Gohan. Usually the broadcasts are pre-recorded, but this was a live broadcast. The guests were Hayase Marika and Amako Junna, and they had a bounenkai (end of year party) in the studio. They were all sitting at a table, which had a nabe and lots of expensive looking foods.

The live broadcast was about one hour, and the omake broadcast was about 30 minutes. They just ate, read some mails, and talked the entire time.

Marika said that she opened a twitter account today.

They said that they wanted to go on a trip together, but they didn't go anywhere this year. In the past, they went to Disneyland together on Christmas, two years in a row.

At the end, they were some cakes.