Yao-chan no Heya 51

title Yao-chan no Heya 51
date 2019.08.03
broadcast niconico
archive members only
host Yao Kazuki ()
guest Sakurai Tomo ()

This was a monthly live broadcast by Yao Kazuki, where he talks with seiyuu guests. The guest for this broadcast was Sakurai Tomo.

Kazuki said that this show had a renewal. There will have a 45 minute free part and a 45 minute members only part.

Tomo came onto the show, and they talked for a bit. The last time Tomo and Kazuki met was at a jazz event in 2013. They had known about each other, but they had never worked on a regular anime together.

The first corner was just reading mails, and there were many questions for Tomo.

Tomo said that after retiring from seiyuu work, she couldn't stand doing nothing at home. So she went out to look for a part time job. She found work as a dish washer in a soba restaurant near her home. She worked a few times a week.

Tomo said she just had a Kaitou Saint Tail event yesterday. It was the 25th anniversary of Saint Tail.

Tomo talked a little about her idol debut days.

The next corner was a survey corner.

After the survey corner, the free broadcast ended.

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