Kayatan no Aquarium 19

title Kayatan no Aquarium 19
date/time 2021.04.27
broadcast niconico
cost free and members only
host Okuno Kaya ()
guest Fukagawa Seria

This was the 19th broadcast of Okuno Kaya's solo live program. The first 30 minutes was free, and the rest was for members only.

The guest was Fukagawa Seria. This was the first time that they appeared on a broadcast together.

Seria brought a present for Kaya, and Kaya was very happy.

They read a lot of mails and talked.

Seria was wearing earrings that Kaya chose for her. She was wearing a green outfit because Kaya's color was green. Kaya wore pink because Seria likes pink.

There will be an event for this show on 7/18, and the guest will be Ueda Reina.

The next broadcast will be on 5/18.