Mayu Telepathy Tsukaerundesukedo 2

title Mayu Telepathy Tesukaerundesukedo 2
date/time 2021.02.24
broadcast niconico, youtube
host Yoshioka Mayu (Ȳʹ)

This was the second broadcast of Yoshioka Mayu's SF show.

It was hay fever season, but Mayu said her hay fever got "fixed" already. She said that one year it suddenly stopped affecting her.

There was a new drink at Starbucks, Sakura Fuwari Berry. The staff brought one for Mayu, so Mayu was very happy.

The staff also brought a guitar for Mayu. Mayu said she wanted to learn how to play it.

A guitarist Kazuki appeared on the screen, and gave some guitar lessons to Mayu. The first was tuning the guitar. Then Mayu started playing some simple chords with a specialized music sheet that Kazuki made for her.

The next corner was the psychology tests.