Mayu Telepathy Tsukaerundesukedo 4

title Mayu Telepathy Tesukaerundesukedo 4
date/time 2021.04.28
broadcast niconico, youtube
host Yoshioka Mayu (Ȳʹ)
guest Nomura Maiko (¼)

This was the fourth broadcast of Yoshioka Mayu's SF show.

Mayu opened by singing a song, "Over Drive". This was a 90 minute karaoke special where Mayu and the guest sang songs.

The guest was Nomura Maiko, and she sang "Karakuri Pierrot" (餯ԥ). After a short talk, Mayu and Maiko sang "Menuki Doori" (ȴ̤) together.

Only the first 30 minutes was free, and the rest was for members only.