Nanamin no Negoto 28

title Nanamin no Negoto 28
date/time 2021.05.20
broadcast niconico, youtube
host Yamashita Nanami ()

This was the 28th broadcast of Yamashita Nanami's solo program.

Nanami was wearing pink, and also had a little bit of pink in her hiar.

Nanami has appeared at the Hachinai Summer Live 5 on 4/25, which was just after the previous broadcast. She said she sang the opening song for the concert and talked about the live.

Nanami said that she will appear at the Pretty Festival this weekend (5/22 and 5/23).

The game Nanami played was Pacman 99 for the Switch. It was a multiplayer game where she can play with 99 players. She had to finish in the top 10 to get a prize, and most of the fans let her win.