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Itou Miku CDs (singles)

Miku appears (sings/talks) in the following CD singles.

2013.07.24Prism Sympathy (LACM-34112)Song
2014.07.30Mirai Fanfare [type A] (COCC-16911)Song
2014.07.30Mirai Fanfare [type B] (COCC-16912)Song
2015.05.27Give Me Secret [StylipS] (LACM-34349)Song
2015.11.25Vital Exercise (ESER-033)Song
2016.10.12Awa to Verveine (COZC-1238)Song
2017.07.26The Idolm@ster Million The@ter Generation 01 (LACM-14631)Song
2017.08.02Egao no Orchestra [Hello Happy World] (BRMM-10093)Song/Talk
2017.08.02Jounetsu Fruits (COZC-1361)Song
2017.09.20Princess Connect Re:Dive Priconne Character Song 01 (COCC-17361)Song/Talk
2018.01.31The Idolm@ster Million The@ter Generation 04 (LACM-14634)Song/Talk
2018.02.14Gouka! Goukai! Phantom Thief [Hello Happy World] (BRMM-10108)Song
2018.02.21Mamoritai Mono no Tame ni (COCC-17422)Song
2018.03.28Princess Connect Re:Dive Priconne Character Song 02 (COCC-17362)Song/Talk
2019.01.16Hirameki Heartbeat (COZC-1497)Song
2019.01.305 Toubun no Kimochi (PCCG-1751)Song
2019.02.20High Five Adventure [Hello Happy World] (BRMM-10163)Song
2019.06.05Koiseyo Minna Hai! (TECI-677)Song
2019.08.21Egao Sing A Song [Hello Happy World] (BRMM-10197)Song
2020.02.12Plunderer (COZC-1615)Song
2020.03.04Korekaramo 5 Toubun (PCCG-1884)Song
2020.03.25Princess Connect Re:Dive Priconne Character Song 13 (COCC-17673)Song
2020.04.29Soredemo Tomoni Aruiteku (COCC-17763)Song
2020.05.27Princess Connect Re:Dive Priconne Character Song 15 (COCC-17675)Song/Talk
2020.06.17Kokou no Hikari Lonely Dark (COZC-1659)Song
2021.02.175 Toubun no Katachi (PCCG-1964)Song
2021.04.28No.6 (COZC-1743)Song