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Kusachi Fumie events

Some of the events that Fumie has appeared in are as follows.

1993.05.08Hummingbird First Mini Live in Osaka
1993.05.09Hummingbird First Mini Live in Nihon Seinenkan
1993.05.16Hummingbird First Mini Live in Nagoya
1993.07.27Hummingbird preview event in Hiroshima
1993.07.28Hummingbird preview event in Nagoya
1993.08.09Hummingbird preview event in Fukuoka
1993.08.21Hummingbird Concert Tour Summer in Nagoya
1993.08.22Hummingbird Concert Tour Summer in Osaka
1993.08.28Hummingbird Concert Tour Summer in Kudan Kaikan
1994.04.24Hummingbird Bus Tour in Mother Bokujou
1994.05.08Hummingbird mini event in Fukuoka
1994.05.15Hummingbird Summer '94 Event in Tokyo
1994.05.21Hummingbird mini event in Yamagiwa Technica
1994.05.22Hummingbird mini event in Hiroshima
1994.05.28Hummingbird Summer '94 Event in Nagoya
1994.05.29Hummingbird Summer '94 Event in Osaka
1994.11.25Kusachi Fumie on Cafe City Yokohama
1995.03.19Kusachi Fumie signing at Ikebukuro
1995.04.15Hummingbird in Nagoya
1995.04.16Hummingbird in Osaka
1995.04.23Hummingbird in Tokyo
1995.08.16Hummingbird Final Concert
1995.11.05Kusachi Fumie Gakuensai Live at Gakushuuin Daigaku
1995.11.18Hummingbird Last Event in Osaka
1995.11.19Hummingbird Last Event in Hiroshima
1995.11.23Hummingbird Last Event in Nagoya
1995.11.26Hummingbird Last Event in Yamagiwa Soft
1996.02.10Kusachi Fumie talk and live in Fukuoka
1996.03.31Big Sight Open Event
1996.08.24Tokyo Game Show '96
1996.08.25Kusachi Fumie First Concert Tour '96
1996.08.28Something Dreams '96
1996.10.10Gall Force event in Osaka
1996.10.26Gall Force event in Hitotsubashi Hall
1996.11.23Gall Force event in Tokuma Hall
1996.12.22Kusachi Fumie Party Party
1997.03.11Seiyuu Collection
1997.03.15-1997.03.16Kusachi Fumie Yukimatsuri
1997.03.18Shibuya de Chu 19:00
1997.04.20Music Voice '97 Seiyuu POPS Festival
1998.03.21Tokyo Game Show Spring 1998
1998.08.15Anime Japan Fes 98 in Shiubya Girl's Voice 98