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Maeda Chiaki events

Some of the events that Chiaki has appeared in are as follows.

1996.12.25Seiyuu Collection
1997.04.05Tokyo Game Show
1997.09.06Tokyo Game Show 97 Autumn
1998.08.02Tokyo Character Show 1998
2000.03.28Tokimeki Memorial 2 Emotional Vocal Special 2000 in Itabashi
2001.08.19Toriaezu Yarima Show 5 in Aoni Museum
2002.02.16[14:30/18:30] Sotsugyoushiki Dayo Zen'in Shuugou! in Club Phase
2002.10.26[17:30] Tokimeki Memorial Super Live
2003.12.13[17:30] Tokimeki Memorial Super Live 2 in Nakano Sun Plaza
2004.08.05[20:00] Oretachi no Mangadou public recording
2005.12.31[20:00] Tokimeki Memorial Super Live forever Countdown 2006
2008.11.08[18:30] D-Quintet 3rd Live
2011.02.05[14:30/18:30] D-Quintet 5th Live Club Phase