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Miyazaki Ui events

Some of the events that Ui has appeared in are as follows.

2007.10.14[12:00] Dream Party Tokyo Live5pb stage
2007.12.01[17:30] Rams Live Festival 2007 O-East
2008.01.13[13:00/16:00] RAMS Live Festival 2007 Theme Song CD event
2008.01.19[12:00] RAMS Live Festival 2007 Theme Song CD event Animate Kawasaki
2008.01.19[16:00] RAMS Live Festival 2007 Theme Song CD event Animate Yokohama
2008.02.10[14:00] Miyazaki Ui Fanclub event
2008.02.17[13:30] Night Wizard DVD1 event
2008.03.09[17:15] Media Factory Bunkoj Anime Festival Special Live
2008.03.29[13:00] Tokyo Anime Fair 2008 Media Factory booth
2008.04.06[12:00] DVD "Rams Live Festival 2007" talk/live
2008.05.04[12:00] "Phosphor" talk/live Sofmap Amusement
2008.08.16[15:00] Comic Market 74 5pb
2008.08.23[13:00] Miyazaki Ui Birthday Event
2008.09.14[12:00] "Happy Succession" CD event Animate Nipponbashi
2008.09.14[14:00] "Happy Succession" handshake event Toranoana Nanba
2008.09.14[17:00] "Happy Succession" live Sofmap Nanba
2008.10.05[13:00] "Happy Succession" Secret Live
2008.11.08[12:00] Macademy Wasshoi OP CD event Asobit Game City
2008.11.08[14:30] Macademy Wasshoi OP CD event Akihabara Gamers
2008.11.22[16:00] Live 5pb. 2008 Yokohama Blitz
2008.11.24[13:00] TVK Anime Matsuri 2008 ver2.0 Yokohama Kannai Hall
2008.12.23[16:00] Miyazaki Ui Fanclub Eve Eve Event Asobit City
2008.12.27[15:30] DVD Macademy Wasshoi event Toranoana Akihabara
2009.02.14[15:00] Valentine Card Signing Session Animate Ikebukuro
2009.05.05Dream Party Stage event
2009.05.17[13:00] Seiyuu no Hi
2009.05.30[13:00] "Kizuna no Uta" talk/live Toranoana Akihabara
2009.09.05[13:30] First Album "Ui1" handshake event Animate Nagoya
2009.09.05[15:30] First Album "Ui1" talk/live Gamers Nagoya
2009.09.06[13:30] First Album "Ui1" handshake event Animate Nipponbashi
2009.09.06[15:30] First Album "Ui1" live Gamers Nanba
2009.09.12[12:00] First Album "Ui1" handshake event Animate Sendai
2009.09.12[13:30] First Album "Ui1" event Animate Sendai
2009.09.13[12:00] First Album "Ui1" handshake event Animate Kooriyama
2009.09.18[14:30] First Album "Ui1" event Animate Kooriyama
2009.09.26[12:00/13:30] First Album "Ui1! event Aniamte Utsunomiya
2009.09.27[13:30] First Album "Ui1" event Animate Akihabara
2009.09.27[15:30] First Album "Ui1" event Gamers Akihabara
2009.10.24[18:00] Miyazaki Ui First Live Osaka
2009.11.01[18:00] Miyazaki Ui First Live Kawasaki Club Citta
2009.11.08[16:00] Live 5pb. 2009 at Yuuport
2009.12.30[13:00] Comic Market 77 5pb
2010.02.06[18:00] Miyazaki Ui First Live Tour -Ui1- Tsuika Kouen
2010.04.25[14:00] Hibiki Radio Station public recording
2010.06.27[14:00] 1st Live DVD talk/mini live/handshake Human Academy Osaka
2010.07.04[14:00] 1st Live DVD talk/mini live/handshake Rams Event Hall
2010.09.26[12:00/14:00] "Sweet Heaven" talk and song Rams Hall
2010.11.07[14:00] Radio at Once public recording
2010.11.21[11:30] R@dio Once public recording
2010.11.21[14:00] R@dio Once public recording
2011.06.26[14:00] Satomi to Yui no R@dio Once public recording
2013.03.24[17:00] Bushi Road Card Game Live 2013 Osaka
2013.04.20[13:00/15:30] D.C.III event Pony Canyon Event Space