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Mizuki Nana CDs

Some of the CDs that Nana has released or appeared in are listed below.

Solo CDs

Nana has released the following solo CDs.

2002.11.06Magic Attraction (KICS-979)Song
2004.12.08Alive and Kicking (KICS-1125)Song
2006.05.03Hybrid Universe (KIZC-1)Song
2007.02.07The Museum (KIZC-3)Song
2009.06.03Ultimate Diamond (KICS-91470)Song
2010.07.07Impact Exciter (KICS-91564)Song
2011.11.23The Museum II (KIZC-139)Song
2016.12.21Neogene Creation (KICS-93456)Song
2019.12.11Cannonball Running (KICS-3884)Song
2019.12.11Cannonball Running [CD+2DVD] (KICS-93885)Song
2019.12.11Cannonball Running [CD+BD] (KICS-93884)Song

Miscellaneous CDs

Nana appears (sings/talks) in the following miscellaneous CDs.

2001.02.07Sister Princess 12 Nin no Tenshi Tachi (KICA-532)Song
2001.03.07Seiyuu Omnibus CD "Vintage" (KICA-1246)Song {Track 6}
2001.04.04Prologue of Sister Princess Dear My Brother (KICM-3007)Talk
2001.06.06Love Hina Spring Special (KICA-541)Song
2001.08.29Sister Princess Original Soundtrack Angel Jukebox (KICA-552)Song
2001.09.29Sister Princess Kaleidoscope (KICA-556)Song
2002.01.01Sakura Revolution [Prits] (KICM-3019)Song
2002.02.01Kokuhaku Kimeteyo! [Prits] (KICM-3023)Song
2002.02.20Memories Off 1st Concert Album -no cut album- (SCDC-159)Song
2002.03.01Private Emotion [Prits] (KICM-3026)Song
2002.12.25Cherry Blossom [Prits] (KICA-589)Song
2003.08.20Omoide ni Kawaru Kimi -Memories Off- Vocal Collection (SCDC-287)Song
2003.11.06Sakura -Setsugekka- (KICA-615)Song
2003.12.28Four Seasons [Binzume Yousei/Bottle Fairy] (KICA-617)Song
2004.02.18Memories Off Drama CD Omoide no Paltiita (SCDC-325)Talk
2004.07.22Binzume Yousei Asa Hiru Yoru CD 2 (KICA-648)Talk
2004.07.22Memories Off -Sorekara- Sound Collection (KDCA-2)Song
2004.07.22Natsu Iro no Sunadokei Sound Collection (KDCA-1)Song
2004.07.23Ragnarok The Animation ver 1 (AFC-1013)Talk
2004.08.25Memories Off -Sorekara- Drama CD (KDCA-12)Talk
2004.08.27Ragnarok The Animation ver 2 (AFC-1014)Talk
2004.09.24Ragnarok The Animation ver 3 (AFC-1015)Talk
2004.12.22Memories Off -Sorekara- Vocal Collection (KDCA-26)Song
2005.01.13Mahoushoujo Lyrical Nanoha Sound Stage 02 (KICA-667)Talk
2005.01.261 Nen 777 Gumi (FCCC-29)Talk
2005.02.23Memories Off Shudaika Zenshuu (KDCA-32)Song
2005.04.06Mahoushoujo Lyrical Nanoha Sound Stage 03 (KICA-668)Talk
2005.08.24Koi Koi 7 Song Shuu Paradise (LKCR-10029)Song
2005.11.23Mahou Shoujo Lyrical Nanoha A's Sound Stage 01 (KICA-733)Talk
2006.01.12Mahou Shoujo Lyrical Nanoha A's Sound Stage 02 (KICA-743)Talk
2006.04.07Minna de Tsukuru Memo Off CD! Season 3 (VGCD-0031)talk
2007.12.12Mahou Shoujo Lyrical Nanoha StrikerS Sound Stage 5 (KICA-856)Song/Talk
2008.01.23Minamike Drama CD (KICA-897)Talk
2008.02.08Ayakashi Characters 1 (ZMCZ-3901)Song/Talk
2008.02.08Ayakashi Characters 3 (ZMCZ-3903)Talk
2008.02.27Ayakashi Characters 4 (ZMCZ-3904)Talk
2008.02.27Ayakashi Characters 5 (ZMCZ-3905)Talk
2008.05.14Minamike Okawari Drama CD (KICA-905)Talk
2008.11.07Shining Force Exa Drama CD (VGCD-0156)Talk
2009.02.18Rosario to Vampire Idol Cover Best (KICA-957)Song
2009.03.18Shugo Chara! Character Song (PCCG-00948)Song
2009.04.22Minamike Okaeri Drama CD (KICA-971)Talk
2009.07.23Minamike Character Song Best Album (KICA-980)Song
2009.08.05Shugo Chara! Character Song 2 (PCCG-00977)Song
2009.12.16The Eternal Diva (PCCG-1015)Song
2010.01.27White Album Sound Stage 01 (KICA-2501)Song/Talk
2010.02.17Shugo Chara! Character Song Collection 3 (PCCG-01029)Song
2010.02.24White Album Sound Stage 02 (KICA-2502)Song/Talk
2010.03.24White Album Character Song Best & Sound Track (KICA-2505 KICA-2506)Song
2010.04.07Heavens Divide (GFCA-216)Song
2010.12.22Heartcatch PreCure! Vocal Album 2 (MJCD-20197)Song
2011.08.24Dog Days Drama Box Vol.1 (SVXC-7788)Talk
2012.04.25Shining Blade Character Song Album (KICA-3193)Song
2012.05.23Aquaplus Vocal Collection Vol.8 (KIGA-13)Song

CD Singles

Nana appears (sings/talks) in the following CD singles.

2000.12.06Omoi ()Song
2001.01.24Melody (LACM-4004)Song
2001.07.04Egao ga No.1! Yapparine (KICM-3011)Song
2002.05.01Love and History (KICM-1047)Song
2002.05.01Power Gate (KICM-1048)Song
2002.09.25Suddenly (KICM-1057)Song
2003.04.23New Sensation (KICM-1071)Song
2003.07.16Still in the Groove (KICM-1075)song
2003.12.21Sister Princess Xmas Song Collection (KICM-3048)Song/Talk
2005.01.26Kimi Iro 100% (LACM-4178)Song
2006.01.18Super Generation/Brave Phoenix (KICM-1156)Song
2007.04.18Secret Ambition (KICM-1199)Song
2007.08.22Massive Wonders (KICM-1211)Song
2007.12.19Meikyuu Butterfly (PCCG-70020)Song
2008.02.06Starcamp EP (KICM-1228)Song
2008.02.14Rosario to Vampire Character Song 1 (KICM-3167)Song
2008.03.26Rosario to Vampire Character Song 6 (KICM-3172)Song
2008.07.23Yells -It's a Beautiful Life- (EVSC-1003)Song
2008.08.06Black Diamond (PCCG-70028)Song
2008.10.01Trickster (KICM-1251)Song
2008.10.29Rosario to Vampire CAPU2 Character Song 1 (KICM-3177)Song
2008.11.26Rosario to Vampire CAPU2 Character Song 7 (KICM-3183)Song
2009.01.21Shin Ai (KICM-1270)Song
2009.04.08White Album Character Song 2 Ogata Rina (KICM-3189)Song
2009.10.28Mugen (KICM-1294)Song
2010.01.01Powder Snow (KICM-3197)Song
2010.01.13Phantom Minds (KICM-1299)Song
2010.02.10Silent Bible (KICM-1301)Song
2010.04.21Tsubomi -Future Flower- (MJCD-23086)Song
2011.04.13Pop Master (KICM-1336)Song
2011.04.13Scarlet Knight (KICM-1335)Song
2011.08.03Junketsu Paradox (KICM-1353)Song
2012.01.11Synchrogazer (KICM-1377)Song
2012.01.25Gyakkou no Flugel (KICM-3242)Song
2012.03.14Zettou Ameno Hakbakiri (KICM-3244)Song
2012.08.01Bright Stream (KICM-1403)Song
2013.05.15Preserved Roses (ESCL-4049)Song
2013.05.15Preserved Roses (ESCL-4052)Song
2013.07.17Symphogear G Character Song 1 (KICM-3257)Song
2013.07.31Vitalization (KICM-1461)Song
2013.08.21Symphogear G Character Song 4 (KICM-3260)Song
2013.10.23Kakumei Dualism (KICM-91471)Song
2015.01.14Eden (KICM-1567)Song
2015.04.22Angel Blossom (KICM-91590)Song
2015.07.22Exterminate (KICM-1609)Song
2015.08.12Symphogear GX Character Song 3 (KICM-3296)Song
2016.07.13Starting Now (KICM-1690)Song
2017.07.19Destiny's Prelude (KICM-1769)Song
2017.07.19Symphogear AXZ Character Song 3 (KICM-3324)Song
2017.07.19Testament (KICM-1770)Song
2018.10.24Never Surrender (KICM-1889)Song
2019.07.17Metanoia (KICM-1954)Song
2019.09.04Symphogear XV Character Song 6 (KICM-3361)Song

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