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Mizuki Nana events (2009)

Some of the events that Nana has appeared in during the year 2009 are as follows.

2009.01.11[17:00] Nana Mizuki Live Fever 2009
2009.01.18[17:00] Mizuki Nana Live Fever 2009 Nagoya
2009.01.24[17:00] Nana Mizuki Live Fever 2009 Nihon Budoukan
2009.05.18[19:30] Music Japan May
2009.07.05[16:00] Nana Mizuki Live Diamon 2009 Seibu Dome
2009.07.13[19:30] Music Japan Shinseiki Anime SP NHK Wonder Land 2009
2009.08.23[16:00] Animelo Summer Live 2009 RE:Bridge Saitama Super Arena
2009.10.05[19:30] Music Japan at NHK Hall
2009.10.24[17:00] Windows 7 event at Bellesalle Akihabara
2009.11.07[15:30] Smile Gang public recording in Wasedasai
2009.11.12[19:30] Music Japan Shinseiki Anison SP 2 at NHK Hall
2009.11.21[13:00] Mizuki Nana Fanclub Event
2009.12.19[13:55] Leyton Kyouju to Eien no Utahime movie event