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Nakao Ryuusei events

Some of the events that Ryuusei has appeared in are as follows.

1995.05.2081 Produce Charity Event at Tobu Ikebukuro
1995.05.21Charity Event at Nihonbashi Mitsukoshi
1995.08.06Anime Seiyuu Daikoushin 81 Special vol 2
2004.10.23[15:00] Tokyo Kokusai Entertainment Market 2004 main stage
2007.09.11"Kono subarashiki sekai" play at Theatre Sun Mall
2008.10.31-2008.11.09Dramatic Company "Birthday -2008"
2009.12.19[13:00] Jump Festa 2010 Toei Anime booth
2010.06.20[13:30/18:00] "Reading For The Ties 2010" JCB Hall
2011.02.26[13:30/18:00] Koe Chikara -Power of Voice- 81 Produce event