Ohmori Reiko events

Some of the events that Reiko has appeared in are as follows.

1998.04.18Waseda Pure Pure Festival [first session]
1998.04.29Ohmori Reiko debut event
1998.07.12Media Girls Wonderland Event 98
1998.07.20Hori Pro Idol Paradise
1998.07.28Hori Pro Idol Paradise in Osaka
1998.08.08Hori Pro Idol Paradise in Fukuoka
1998.08.09Hori Pro Idol Paradise in Osaka
1999.02.07Idol and Anime Card Festival 99
1999.07.25Bandai Wonder Swan Event
1999.09.18Tokyo Game Show 99 Autumn
1999.10.0399 Last of Summer at Wild Blue Yokohama
1999.11.20Live de Idol vol 1
1999.12.27Anime Kouhaku Utagassen
2000.04.02Wonderland mini live at Ishimaru Soft One
2000.04.09Wonderland mini live at Yamagiwa Soft
2001.12.17[19:00] Christmas de Show
2002.02.23Reiko Zukan handshake event
2002.03.04High School ha Tenya Wanya
2002.09.21[14:00] Tokyo Game Show 2002 Gamania Booth

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