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  • Anime Express - 1997.08.23

    Yamadera Kouichi ()
    Power Song (Sharan Q)
    This was the second week of the summer vacation special. There will be a special present given away, and the first keyword was given last week. The second keyword will be given this week.

    The guest was Yamadera Kouichi. Kouichi and Tomo did a little skit as coach and student (Izakura Motoko). [These are the characters that they did in the Hitasura Seiyuu Shigan video.]

    Kouichi did an impersonation of Star Wars characters. Then Tomo did an impersonation of Morimoto Leo.

    Tomo and Kouichi worked together in the video Hitasura Seiyuu Shigan, where they did the filming last year. Tomo said that Kouichi looked different now. Kouichi had removed the mole from his face.

    Tomo read a letter for the "worries" corner. It was a letter from a high school girl (16 year old) whos boy friend wants to do it with her. But she doesn't want to yet, and she was afraid that he was going to leave her. She asked for Tomo's advice.. Tomo and Kouichi said that she shouldn't do it if she doesn't want to.

    Kouichi: How about your first experience?
    Tomo: I can't say it on the airwaves..

    The next corner was Sugawara Aya's Jouhou Express corner.

    Ani Raji Grand Prix 9 goes on sale 8/26. It will have the corner where Tomo eats the fried rice, one of the recipes sent in by a listener. Also it will have a perfect guide of all seiyuu radio shows. The magazine will have Kouda Mariko on the cover.

    Chieco's Kiss Kiss Kiss and Love and Peace, the OP and ED songs to Kero Kero Chime is on sale now.

    Then they played Power Song by Sharan Q.

    [end of Jouhou Express]

    They aired Tomo driving a car.. but just a little bit. She just got her drivers license on 7/2, and this was her first real driving experience.

    The keyword for this week was "i" (). The final keyword will be given next week.

    Kouichi brought a set of three City Hunter cels to give away as a present. He was going to sign it too.

    The guest next week will be Kouda Mariko.

    [Anime Express]

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