Earthly Paradise - 1998.10.25

Kawasumi Ayako
Dream It (Kawasumi Ayako)
Ren'ai Kouhosei episode 7
The guest was Kawasumi Ayako, and they played her song right away, Dream It the opening song of Ren'ai Kouhosei.
[just the first half]

[CM: Idol Project New Dream, voice by Inoue Kikuko]

Machiko and Ayako talked about To Heart, as Ayako does the voice of Akari. (Akari is a childhood friend of the main character.) Ayako said they already recorded one episode.

Then they talked about Ren'ai Kouhosei. It started out as a game, but now there is a radio drama and an OAV series.

The radio drama was Ren'ai Kouhosei episode 7.

There will be a public recording on 11/8 at the Namco Wonder Egg 2 (Futakotamagawaen), 17:30. The keyword to get into the amusement park is "Toyoshima Machiko Earthly Paradise".

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