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  • エル・ハザード - 1996.06.07

    Yama no Ana (Shimazu Saeko)
    El Hazard episode 4 [Saikai no Sekai El Hazard]
    The first corner was El Ha na Yatsu wo Sagase (find the person who looks like El Hazard characters). Someone sent in saying that one of the teachers talk like a Bagurom when they get angry. Tetsuya said that he did the voice of a Bagurom (Wakame) too.

    They played Yama no Ana by Shimazu Saeko, which is on the Shinpi no Sekai El Hazard Ongakuhen CD.

    The next corner was Konshuu no Yabou (this week's ambitions).

    Tetsuya: It's June already. June is the month of my birthday! I'll be 26 on June 24.

    The drama was El Hazard radio drama episode 4, Saikai no Sekai El Hazard (The World of Reunion El Hazard). Narration by Inoue Kikuko.

    Radio no Sekai El Hazard CD special will go on sale 7/24, 4800 yen, 2 CDs, special sticker. It will have the drama that was aired on the radio show, along with new drama, and the OP and ED songs. It will come in the same large package as the Pretty Sami CD special. It will be a limited edition set.

    Also Kozakura Etsuko's first album will come out on 7/24.

    The final corner was Etchan no Mayonaka Undameshi (Etchan's Midnight Fortune). She said that the people with birthdays in January and December will be lucky next week.

    [Radio no Sekai El Hazard]

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