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  • エル・ハザード - 1996.06.28

    Nandeyane (Iwanaga Tetsuya)
    El Hazard episode 7 [Shuumatsu no Sekai El Hazard]
    Iwanaga Tetsuya just turned 26. He said that he got a lot of letters and presents.
    Tetsuya: Thank you very much.

    The first corner was a mixed El Ha na Yatsu wo Sagase (find the person who looks like El Hazard characters) and konshuu no yabou (this week's ambitions). Tetsuya and Etsuko read a lot of letters in succession.

    Someone sent in a letter saying that there was a lesbian club at some university, and that would be something that Areere would be happy with.

    Tetsuya said that he doesn't have any plans for a CD. He's embarrassed to sing in front of people. Since he will sing at Kozakura Etsuko's event in August, that would be the second time that he sings in front of people. The first time was the El Hazard spring event.

    Then they played Iwanaga Tetsuya's song, Nandeyane, which is a song sung in Kansai-ben.

    Tetsuya: I went to an onsen the other day, and practiced singing this song.

    Someone sent in a letter saying that there was someone like Miizu, 29 year old and single.. Hayashibara Megumi.

    The drama was El Hazard radio drama episode 7, Shuumatsu no Sekai El Hazard (The World of Ending El Hazard). Narration by Inoue Kikuko.

    A Sega Saturn El Hazard game will come out on August 9. It will be an original story with new animation and many endings. The first pressing of the game will have an El Hazard settei shiryou collection.

    In the Etchan no Mayonaka Undameshi (Etchan's Midnight Fortune) corner, Etsuko said that those with birthdays in May and October will be lucky next week. Etsuko said that she had received a lot of letters from listeners regarding her fortune. It was about half hit and half miss.

    Tetsuya announced that the next broadcast will be the last broadcast of this radio show.

    [Radio no Sekai El Hazard]

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