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  • Game Game Party - 1998.01.05

    Kubota Masayoshi
    Nakayama Manami (滳)
    Furuyama Ayumi (Ż)
    Nehashi Mieko ()
    Takahashi Chiaki (ⶶ龽)
    Kimi no Ouenka (Katou Mika-Shimakata Junko)
    Since this was the first broadcast, Junko introduced herself.

    Your name?
    Shimakata Junko
    Japan, Kanagawa, Atsugi
    I live alone in Tokyo now, but in my parent's house there is my father, mother, younger sister, and dog.
    Anyone you admire?
    My parents
    Type of guys you like?
    It always changes, but I like Oda Yuuji now.
    Scuba diving
    Seiyuu, doing radio commercials and games. I debuted in the role of Kaka in Dragon Half.
    What kind of games do you play?
    I love puzzle games. I had never played RPGs before, but I played Final Fantasy VII recently.
    Do you have a PC, digital camera, digital notebook, or cellular phone?
    No, but it would be nice to get a PC to receive e-mail from everyone.
    What you would like this program to be
    I want to read as many letters as possible.

    [CM for Sotsugyou III]

    The next corner was the "Game Game Guest" corner. The first guest was Kubota Masayoshi (of Marcus).

    It was been 5 years since the first Sotsugyou PC Engine game.

    There were some questions for Mr. Kubota. He used to be an animator and scenario writer, but it wasn't enough to survive on.. Then he moved onto games.

    Then they played Kimi no Ouenka by Katou Mika (Shimakata Junko), written by Mutsuki Juuzou (Mr Kubota's pen name).

    The present was a Seika Joshi sailor fuku! (5 of them)

    Mr. Kubota: If a guy gets it, don't wear it. But if a girl gets it, please take a picture and send it in.

    The address for the presents is:

    ޡ ߻ҤΥॲѡƥ

    The guest next week will be Ohkura Raita, a scenario writer.

    The radio drama of Sotsugyou III will be aired on this radio show. Then 4 of the 5 Sotsugyou III seiyuu came as guests. They all introduced themselves, and their characters.

    Kikuchi Nozomi - Nakayama Manami
    Nozomi usually wears a kimono at home.
    Ozaki Kyoko - Furuyama Ayumi
    Kyoko is a ko-gal.
    Watanabe Kazue - Nehashi Mieko
    Kazue is a quiet girl, but is very dreamy.
    Matsuyama Misaki - Takahashi Chiaki
    Misaki is two-faced, very different at school and at home. She acts very stuck up at school, but she calls the husband "darling" at home.
    Saitou Yukari - Komatsu Rika
    [didn't come today]

    Everyone who gets their letter read on this program will get a floppy disk. This floppy will have illustrations on it, to be used as wall paper for Windows or Macs.

    [Game Game Party radio show]

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