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  • Game Game Party - 1998.02.16

    Takahashi Chiaki (ⶶ龽)
    Blue Bird (Takahashi Chiaki)
    Sotsugyou III episode 4
    Shimakata Junko read a lot of letters.

    Junko likes to go scuba diving. It's too cold now, but in April and May, it will be warm enough to go scuba diving in Okinawa.

    There were a lot of letters regarding Sotsugyou Album.

    The drama was Sotsugyou III episode 4.

    The guest was Takahashi Chiaki (Matsuyama Misaki).

    Chiaki said that she had her "seijinshiki" (celebration for 20 year olds) this year.

    Then they played the theme song for Misaki, called Blue Bird by Takahashi Chiaki.

    There was a letter asking about what will happen at the Hinamatsuri Concert, but Junko said that she doesn't know yet.

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