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  • Game Game Party - 1998.03.16

    Nehashi Mieko (根橋美絵子)
    Sotsugyou III episode 8
    Shimakata Junko said that she went to an ume festival recently.

    Junko got a lot of letters from people who were having a hard time because they had hay fever. She said that she didn't have hay fever.

    [CM: "Shout" by Matsuoka Chie]

    Then Junko read a lot of letters.

    There will be some clips from the Sotsugyou III concert next week. Junko had interviewed some of the seiyuu too.

    There will be Sotsugyou III on display at the Shougakukan booth at the Tokyo Game Show. The five seiyuu will go and there will be a mini-game tournament. Also those who bring the Sega Saturn game Sotsugyou Album and say the keyword "僕秘密を知ってるんです" [boku himitsu wo shitterundesu] will get an original clear file of Sotsugyou III.

    The drama was Sotsugyou III episode 8.

    The guest was Nehashi Mieko. Mieko was still a college student (third year in a girls' college). She used to be in the tennis club, but she's too busy to participate now.

    [CM: "Stained Glass no Mukou Gawa" by Endou Akira (a duet with a guy?)]

    The winning number in the gem gem numbers was "G-7".

    Junko announced that Game Game Party will end with the March 30 broadcast.

    On the last broadcast, all five seiyuu will come as guests.

    [Game Game Party radio show]

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