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  • Game Game Party - 1998.03.23

    Nakayama Manami (滳)
    Sotsugyou III episode 9
    They played back a little part from the Sotsugyou III concert that took place on March 1.
    It was the part where the five seiyuu asked the fans to think up a name for their group. Then Shimakata Junko asked people to send in the names to the radio show.

    There was a letter asking if there were any difficulties during the concert, and Junko said that it was difficult changing clothes. They only had 2 or 3 minutes to change clothes and hair styles, so they had to rush.

    The guest was Shirai Tamotsu, the producer of Sotsugyou III from Shougakukan, and they talked about the game. It took about 1.5 years to make the game. He said that it was difficult to make the character settings for characters, as there were 5 characters with 2 personalities each (one at school and one at home).

    It's possible to finish the game without getting all 5 girls to graduate, but if they don't, the player won't be able to see the "wedding" picture.

    There was a question about the names of the girls in Sotsugyou III. This time it wasn't based on a group. The hints were song and "Sotsugyou". There was some talk about using the names from SMAP, but they decided against that.

    The Playstation and Saturn games were the same, but the first edition freebies are different. There was going to be a "changing card" in the game, with a picture of the girls in their school uniform and normal clothes.

    Also there was a special trading card present for those who buy Sotsugyou Album (on sale already) and Sotsugyou III (Saturn version). These 5 trading cards will complete the set of the trading cards that will go on sale in the future. (There is going to be a "hole" of 5 cards in the trading card set.)

    The drama was Sotsugyou III episode 9.

    The guest was Nakayama Manami. There was a question about Animex Club (the TV program that Manami was on), and if there was any change in her life because of it. Manami said that she got a lot of new clothes, because all of the clothes that she wore on the show were her own clothes.

    Manami said that she was very happy about how the Sotsugyou III concert turned out.

    All five Sotsugyou III seiyuu were going to come as guests next week, which will be the "last party".

    The game game number for this week was "E-0".

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