Game Walker Net - 1997.10.25

Kuwashima Houko (ˡ)
Don said that Houko was more serious than Machiko. Machiko agreed, and said that she takes life in a more "about" way.

They had the game sales information by Messa San'ou Akihabara.

The topic for the wild idea corner was sports games. This was the last week for this. The theme for next month is "tsuushin taisen" games.

There was a special on Kaitou Ranma, and the guest was Kuwashima Houko. But they didn't talk that much about it..

Machiko said that she was happy, because she got to do the main character. She also said that her character was similar to herself.

Houko's character is a calm older sister. She has a lot of these roles recently.

Houko said that she doesn't have a computer, and she probably wouldn't be able to use one.

There was a question from a listener, "Where does Machiko touch Houko?" Machiko said that it was a secret. She also said that they slept together recently..

The Girls Be Graduation Concert will be held at the Club Citta in Kawasaki on 12/21, and in Osaka on 12/14.

Kaitou Ranma will come out on the Playstation next spring.

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