Game Walker Net - 1997.11.15

Yuusei Yarou
Don said that Machiko was wearing pajamas.. Then Machiko said that it was a "maternity" outfit. Actually it was a one piece (LL Bean brand).

Don and Machiko were going to record a new song. Machiko wrote the lyrics for the ending song.

They had the game sales information by Messe San'ou Akihabara.

They read letters for the "wild idea" games corner. But they said that they didn't get that many letters.

The next corner was a corner where the listeners asked about various "rumours" about games. Mr. Aihara (a.k.a. Yuusei Yarou) came, and they talked about Devil Sumner.

Don said that he was going to go work on the new song after this show.

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