Game Walker Net - 1997.11.22

editor of Game Walker
In the opening, Machiko said that she was Creamy Mami (in a very cute voice), and tried to do an impersonation. She said she liked that show, and she wants do the voice of magical girl.

Machiko and Don said that they finished the recording of the song.

They had the game sales information by Messe San'ou Akihabara.

They read letters for the "wild idea" games corner.

Someone suggested a "Pinpin Dash" game.
[pinpon dash = ding dong ditch]

Then Don suggested that they go out and do it in the nearby apartments. Don said that Machiko might be faster than him when they run away. But Machiko said that she was wearing 10 cm heels, so she can't run.

Starting 12/6, the ideas will be Pocket Monster. They wanted listeners to come up with a new pocket monster.

There was also going to be another corner. They wanted people to choose their best three games of 1997, and send it in. The deadline is 12/16.

The address is:
Academy Kakari
Game Walker Net Saturday
I Network
3-2-2 Kita-Aoyama
Minato, Tokyo 107

The next corner was "Game Walker special". They had the editor of Game Walker as a guest, and they talked about the game Mahou Gakuen Lunar.

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