Game Walker Net - 1997.11.29

Machiko said she came from Toride today.
[came from parents' house?]

They had the game sales information by Messe San'ou Akihabara.

They read letters for the "wild idea" games corner.

Machiko said that she used to learn obon odori, a "Toride ondo".

Then they talked about the new OP and ED song. The OP song Itsuka Konoyo ha Paradise was written by Don, and the ED song Doyoubi no Tsuki was written by Machiko.

Machiko "interviewed" the staff, and they played the interview tape. They finished recording at 4:06!

They also took pictures at the recording, and there was a picture of Machiko's legs (mini skirt).

There isn't a single for the songs planned, but it will be included in an upcoming album.

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