Game Walker Net - 1998.02.21

Yanagihara Miwa
Machiko had caught a cold again. (Her voice was very different.)

Machiko said that she got sick on Valentine's Day, so she didn't give any chocolate to anybody.

Then they had the game sales top 10 corner by Messe San'ou Akihabara. There were a lot of presents (posters) by Messe San'ou.

The next corner was about the Game Walker magazine. There is a lot of information about the Tokyo Game show.

On 3/9 there will be a special issue featuring the Parasite Eve game. It comes with a CD-ROM with a lot of movie files.

In the next corner, Yanagihara Miwa came as a guest. Don's album went on sale today (2/23). There are 13 songs on the CD, with songs by Toyoshima Machiko, Yokoyama Chisa, Ikezawa Haruna, and Yanagihara Miwa.

Don said that they will sing some of the songs at the event on 3/14, at Namco Wonder Egg 2. "Haru oyaji kaze" is the keyword to get into the amusement park for free.

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