Game Walker Net - 1998.03.14

March 15 (today) is Don's bithday. He turned 39.

The first corner was the game sales rankings by Messe San'ou. There were two Game Boy games in the top 5.

The next corner was the game wild idea corner (pocket games).

There were many people who sent in letters suggesting ways to cure/help Machiko's hay fever. One of them was to drink red tea everyday. Machiko said that she would try it out.

There was a guest from Game Arts, who gave some information on the Game Show. She said that there will be a corner where they sell many game related goods (Grandia, and others).

Then there was a person from Sega. He said that Segata Sanshirou (Fujioka Hiroshi) will come to the Sega Booth on 3/21 at around 16:00.
[Segata Sanshiro is the character appearing in various Sega Saturn CMs.]

Then they talked about some upcoming Sega Saturn games (on sale 3/26), House of the Dead [with arcade mode and Saturn mode] and Evangelion Koutetsu no Girlfriend. Sakura Taisen 2 will come out on 4/4, and there will be a lot of Sakura Taisen 2 stuff at the Game Show.

Machiko will have an event on 3/21 at Ikebukuro (18:00, Sunshine), for her first CD single. Machiko said she will sing three songs (the two songs on the CD single, and one other song). Don said that he might go to the event too.

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