Game Walker Net - 1998.05.02

It was during Golden Week. Machiko said that she had lots of events. Don said he had to work, as the development for some games are delayed.

The first corner was the games sales top corner from Sofmap Akihabara.
Gun Griffon 2 (SS) was third, First Kiss Monogatari (PC-FX) was second, Super Robot Taisen Final (SS) was first.

Then they read some normal letters.
[They will read normal letters in May.]

Machiko said that she likes to ride bicycles. She likes to sing and look at the scenery while riding.. and she bumps into things a lot.

They had people from Game Arts, and they talked about Gun Griffon 2. It's possible to connect two Saturns (two TVs, two games) together and fight against each other.

Machiko announced that she will have a live at University of Tokyo on 5/31, from 14:00-16:00.

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